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Marana - Piura Peru Milk 50%

This indulgent Marana Piura Milk chocolate from Peru presents a rich assortment of flavours. Showcasing some of Peru’s best beans is the principle mission for Peruvian makers, Marana. This pursuit is closely followed by their aim to elevate the position of the cooperatives and farmers and with them the quality of the beans that they produce.

Through their distinctive packaging, Marana have sought to represent the cultural identity and heritage of their nation. The bars within the Piura collection are inspired by the Peruvian painter, Pancho Fierro. Fierro captured the lives and customs of nineteenth century Peruvians through his extraordinary paintings. The illustrations for this collection were created by a local Peruvian artist inspired by Pancho Fierro in a series of expressive watercolours.

Tasting Notes

With a buttercream sweetness and subtle floral notes, this Piura Milk chocolate is delightful. This bar has a soft and crumbly texture whilst maintaining a distinct creaminess throughout.

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