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Finca San Antonio

We are a Peruvian company proudly dedicated to the production of organic and fair trade certified cacao. After 20 years committed to this work, the time has come to realize our own dream: to offer our brand of gourmet chocolates FINCA SAN ANTONIO , having as fundamental axes the social and environmental principles.

We offer the best ingredients

Our chocolates are made with organic cocoa covers obtained from the grains coming from our own SAN ANTONIO FINCA, in which a selective and careful harvest is developed, according to the standards established by the norms of organic production and social responsibility.

It is completed with cocoa from certified producers through their organizations. Each chocolate has a unique flavor, aroma and particular characteristics. The fillings used are carefully selected, have respective traceability and are free of additives and preservatives.

We work to deliver a chocolate with unique flavors, with ingredients 100% Peruvian, with traceability and friendly to the environment

Our ingredients come from different regions of our country and we take care that they comply with the Organic Certification. Thanks to this and as part of our variety of products, we also offer chocolates with inclusions of native and exotic fruits, aromatic herbs, Andean grains and coffee