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Energy Green

Moringa capsules (120 x 400 mg) ENERGY GREEN

Moringa capsules 

Moringa  capsules has beneficial properties for the human body, considered as a superfood due to the amount of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and proteins that it possesses besides an exceptional amount of antioxidants that give it outstanding qualities in nutrition . The moringa leaf is received, it is selected, washed and disinfected, dried, ground, sieved, encapsulated and packed.

Composition: 100% Micropulverized moringa.

Scientific name: Moringa oleifera.

Use: Take 2 Capsules 2 Times per day with a meal. 4 per day.

Does not contain preservatives, artificial colors or flavors


Store in a cool , dry place. Protect from light. Keep away from children.

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