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Cacao Chocolate

Marana - San Martin Peru 70%

This Marana San Martin 70% is interesting organic 70% dark chocolate from the San Martin region of Peru. The bar presents an unusually complex array of flavours. Showcasing some of Peru’s best beans is the principle mission for Peruvian makers, Marana. This is closely followed by their aim to elevate the position of the cooperatives and farmers and with them, the quality of the beans that they produce.

Through their distinctive packaging, Marana have sought to represent the cultural identity and heritage of their nation. The San Martin collection has been inspired by the mysterious and alluring Amazonian engravings which ascribe images of daily life for those living within the Amazon against a backdrop of magic and mysticism. You can see gigantic Boas and magical sirens next to jungle farmers and villagers on the front of these bars. Perfectly capturing the mystery of Peru’s Amazonian folklore.

Tasting Notes

An incredibly earthy bar with subtle vegetal hints as well as a touch of hops. This bar is as curious as it is delicious. It is distinctly evocative of the cacao from this region close to the Ecuadorian border.

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